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Easy, Budget Friendly Wall Art Project Adds A Bold Focal Point

Our Colonial Cape Cod home was constructed in 1920. Plenty of updates and changes have occurred in the old place in the span of one hundred years, but we try to retain the spirit of the home’s history in the furnishings and decor.

Our son’s room features a beautiful vintage art deco waterfall bed from the 1930s as well as a matching desk and dresser. The theme for the room began when my dad gave us his old dresser which he used when he was a kid. The curved and inlaid lines combined with the tortoise color pulls make this a special piece. I looked around for a matching bed for a while, but to no avail. One day, my husband spotted a complete authentic waterfall headboard and footboard out on the curb for garbage.  Yes, it is a little

Left, the bed with pillows and artwork, center the dresser with a vintage oil painting hanging above, and right carved detail from the curved footboard.

embarrassing to scavenge through the trash, but we’re not above doing it if someone is throwing away the exact of furniture piece we needed for our room! 🙂  After a thorough cleaning, the bed was in near-perfect condition. 

This is such an easy project you can have it completed in an hour or two, and a grouping like this is a great way to punch up your wall decor. This is an extremely budget-friendly project because using a calendar and poster frames gives you a lot of gorgeous artwork for not much money.

For this project, you will need a high-quality, large-format calendar. I used this National Parks Poster Art of The WPA Oversize Wall Calendar from ziga media. My calendar is not the 2021 edition, but the artwork is extremely similar. 

You will also need six 11 by 17 poster frames of your choice. You can get an entire package of six here. 

Since the furnishings are in an art deco style, I wanted to add artwork from the same time period that would really add a bold accent on the wall above the bed. I love picture groupings, and when I saw this gorgeous, colorful, deco calendar in 1930s style, I knew I had found the perfect solution!

Our son has a great love of national parks and has fond memories of visiting there, so these amazing prints make him happy when he sees them in his room.

Using the frame back as a guide, cut each page you wish to frame to fit the 11 by 17 frame. The images themselves fit very well into a poster frame, and you will be cutting off the calendar part with the months and dates. Then place the prints in the frame. 

Decide what kind of placement you want for your pictures, hang with small nails or command strips, and you’re done! What a quick and easy update!

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