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Seriously Comfy Sunday Labor Day Edition

It’s Labor Day Weekend in the United States! For this week’s edition of Seriously Comfy Sunday, I’m focusing on iconic American brands that epitomize the nation’s spirit.

First, Tommy Hilfiger. Hilfiger has everything you want in an American brand. Classic? Yep. The style is undoubtedly timeless. Trendy? Yep. Recently, the younger generation has also discovered Tommy and has taken to donning sportswear emblazoned with the famous logo. And the brand features red, white, and blue. What could be better for a great American holiday weekend? I also appreciate the Tommy Hilfiger brand because the company produces an extensive line of adaptive clothing which is tremendously helpful to my son who has a developmental disability. He was thrilled to wear his first pair of jeans EVER that are well-fitting and have fasteners that are manageable for him. The Tommy jeans were a big win for our family. I love to support a great American company that helps other people too. 

Here are some great Tommy Hilfiger finds.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Retro Style Hilfiger Logo Graphic Leggings Pant Lounge Pants

Tommy Hilfiger Women Signature Short Sleeve V-Neck Logo Tee

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Rose Gold-Tone Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Backpack Jaden, Navy

Another great American company that seems to always have a fresh take is Vans shoes. I think Vans have always been hip and cool, right? They were just born that way I guess and the legacy continues. Here I feature Vans Unisex ComfyCush Two-Tone Old Skool Two-Tone Chili Pepper/True Blue Sneaker.

Eddie Bauer continues to forge on with American classics, such as this Fair Isle Collection 100% Fleece To Sherpa Reversible Blanket, Ultra Plush Super Soft & Cozy Throw and Horizon Bay Throw Pillow

I have also included this amazing Frozen Drink Station Machine Shaved Ice Maker For Your Home by Nostaglia featuring the most classic of all classic American companies, Coca Cola. 

Enjoy all this coziness while relaxing on this Comfy Sacks 6 foot long memory foam lounger in white plush.

Staying home more doesn’t have to be routine, even though it is the new normal for many of us. Make your home your comfortable haven, full of what brings you joy! And America, let’s celebrate what brings us together this weekend and above all be kind and loving toward others! 

Have a beautiful holiday! 🙂


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Welcome to Seriously Comfy Sundays!

I do miss my old routine. I really, really do. For as long as I can remember, Sundays involved morning church followed by a meal with the extended family either at a restaurant or at home. Post-pandemic, Sundays consist of an on-line church service followed by more……you guessed it…….staying home.

I’m trying to embrace the good that comes with all of this at-home time, and I’m beginning to appreciate one of the perks that comes with being at home so much: comfy clothing!

Up until last March, my daily uniform involved dress pants, blouses, and pumps. And I didn’t mind it. I loved it. But I gotta say, I never had enough appreciation for just wearing comfy clothes. These days, if it does’t feel really good on, I’m just not going to wear it. In short, the pandemic has led me to peruse more of the cozy end of apparel lines more than I have in all the rest of my years.

This week I share some more of my cozy at home picks.

First, I’m highlighting some Splendid lounge pants. I have a pair of these, and they are, well, splendid :). Just a great pair of effortless, soft pants that look great on too.

Next, the classic chambray shirt from J Crew. I find myself reaching for J Crew apparel time and time again, because the brand is just consistently classic, well-made, and you will be getting a great value for your money. This chambray shirt goes with everything and acts as a second layer when the weather turns chilly.

The adorable hat by Jeff and Aimy is packable and lightweight, so you’ll be comfortable and shaded during your outdoor activities.

For comfy feet, try these colorblock sandals from Ecco. My feet are very picky when it comes to what’s comfortable, but Ecco shoes always make them happy.

This cute graphic tee, available on Amazon, is a comfy, casual option that reminds us to stay optimistic and compassionate.

I have a classic Andirondack chair in my yard, and I love it. Its timeless design will always look great wherever you put it, and they are extremely comfortable. I love this fun chair from Signature Design by Ashley in turquoise. What a beautiful color!

Nothing beats an ice cold drink while you’re relaxing outdoors or even just making sure you’re well-hydrated and healthy. This s’well stainless steel bottle in rose geode is both beautiful and practical.

Finally, this great collection of indoor-outdoor pillow covers in gorgeous hues of turquoise and coral pink gives your pillows a quick and easy makeover.

Enjoy your day and take time to Relax!

Cozy at Home

Welcome to Seriously Comfy Sundays!

Sunday! My favorite day of the week! We all need a sabbath rest, and Sunday is the perfect day to get cozy and lounge a bit. Since the pandemic hit, my Sunday routine includes an online worship service followed by a quiet brunch at home with my family, often a quiche and a fresh salad. Beyond that, recharging for the week is the order of the day. 

In our Seriously Comfy Sunday series, I share my favorite relaxed attitude ideas to make the most of your Sunday.

Read to the bottom for our favorite Sunday Quiche Recipe! Enjoy!

My first comfy pick is this pair of cheerful printed lounge pants from Hello Mello in the field of dreams pattern. I bought my pair at a little shop on the beach last summer, and I could live in these! They’re cute, so soft, and an incredible deal. What could be better?

I also love this soft cotton Milan sweatshirt in White Stone from Cotton Citizen. The ultimate in cozy!

Complete the perfect comfy outfit with a pair of effortless slides like these little beauties from Tom’s. Fun, stylish, and no sore feet.

What would a Summer day be without a chilled beverage? We have been buying Taits Raspberry Shrub locally for years. This tangy mixer makes a perfect lazy day drink. Just put some ice in a glass and stir in 8 ounces of ginger ale and 1.5 ounces of shrub, and you’re done!

No make-up is definitely the way to go on a chill day, but this Rose Salve Lip Balm keeps your lips moistured and pampered with no effort at all. 

Finally, this beautiful double lazy days hammock will be the perfect spot to let your mind and body rejuvenate and recharge. 

Until next Sunday enjoy your Sabbath rest!

Sunday Brunch Quiche


1 premade 9 inch pie crust

1/2 pound bacon, cooked and crumbled

1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

1 1/2 cups lights cream

dash of black pepper

dash of cayenne pepper

Preheat oven to 350. Throughly stir the eggs, light cream, and seasonings together in a large bowl. Place the bacon in the pie shell, follwed by the shredded cheese. Pour the egg mixture over top. Bake for 45 minutes, let stand for 10 minutes before cutting.